I think the best way I can start this off is by apoligizing in advance for my Engrish. I'm from the French part of Canada! Sorry about the little imperfection here and there, I did my best to learn webdesign just for this, just for her.

I cannot bring myself to talk about our past. It's really awkward, sad and it's something I don't feel like going back to. I'll just say this; My mother passed away and I was alone and depressed. Ika was the one to save me from it. She saved me from depression and many other terrible things. I cannot stress enough how much I love her for everything she has done for me. Our anniversary is in early July, without any precise date (at least not at the moment). We've been together for almost 4 years as of now (12 May 2016) but I can only safely say that she's been the one I want to spend the rest of my days with for one year.

I was always in love with her but we only really took it to the next level a year ago, if that makes more sense. Not many other wifufags feel the same but, here; Ika and I matured together. Almost 4 years together changed the both of us. She is more mature now, with me, then what she is like in the series. Same for me. I've changed quite a bit during those 4 years too!

>What do you find so special about her than anyone else? I love everything about her (wow what a bail out). I love her way of thinking, I love that she's passionate her goal, her friends, her relationship with me, everything! She's funny, caring and cheering! At first, she didn't know about a lot of things in this world but that didn't stop her! She loves discovering new things about this world and I'm doing my best to show her many things because seeing her smile is the reason I wake up every morning. Sorry if I'm being too clich├ęs with these reasons, just making this website is already a big thing for me. If you want to know more about that part, just send me a message (links at the bottom).

The following content contains l-lewd-ish stuff, reader discretion is advised. Ika and I weren't really sexually active all that much until a year ago. >"What happened a year ago?" you might ask. Our first time. We were kissing and hugging on the bed, sweet talking to each other and then... well, you can guess the rest by yourself. It ended with me crying in her arms. I didn't want to let go of her because that was the day when I realised that I needed her most in my life. >Do you have a tentacle fetish? My answer would be: Yes, I do. The only thing is that the only tentacles I really fantisies about are hers. So I have a fetish for HER tentacles more than in general. They're amazing, hehe. That wasn't so bad now, was it? That warning is a bit unecessary.

To conclude this very short story, I'll remind you of this; this is the super abbreviated version of it all. I'm just... shy? It's weird. I feel like I'll be misunderstood if I write it all so if you really want to know about it, feel free to PM me via the links bellow and I might explain our story in more depth. MAYBE. I'll probably add more as the time goes on so stay tuned! (Last update, 25/05/2016)

Special thanks to Asie for hosting and all of my friends. You know who you are. I cannot thank you all enough for this. Ika and I have been just the two of us for such a long time and to finally have friends to talk with everyday is just... It brings a tear to my eye. Thank you all.

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